Thursday, January 3, 2013

The New Year...

Just realized I haven't posted a darn thing on here since July. Not my intention. I don't want to make excuses but opening a restaurant and having a new baby has taken it's toll not to mention lack of sleep :) I promise I'll get this back on track as long as you all read and respond. No point to do this blog if not. So here we go...
Well, we have all survived the opening of Fat Cam's, made it through fall and into the new year. We had a fabulous 2012 and 2013 promises to be very exciting for us.

Personally, Charlotte has been SUCH A JOY in our lives. What a kid! She amazes all of us with every laugh, snort, step and cry. She'll be 10 months old this January. Where the time went I don't know. All I know is we couldn't do this without the amazing support system we have including our staff, family and friends. Hopefully "Little Charlie's" will become an addition to Fat Cam's in the near future. (Remember the old salon next to the building)? We have plans for that place!

Professionally I feel we have done quite well. What an experience this has been. Every day is a new challenge and a new day. We do our best not take take work home with us. It's not always easy for any of us. We truly have an amazing crew, and they make this place what it is. All restaurants go through up and downs and I feel we are lucky to have this crew on this amazing journey. I am so, so proud of each and every one of them. We laugh, we argue, we brainstorm ideas and push it like no other crew out there. For that I am very thankful. I'm just happy that put up with me :)

Fat Cam's, as a business, is doing very well. We had a fantastic opening month, a stellar fall season and a great holiday season. We are really looking forward to spring as we will build and open the patio. Our goal is comfort and that is what we will provide. Nothing else says comfort to us than being outside, drinking an ice cold cocktail on a hot summer day, sitting on a picnic table enjoying a crab, shrimp or crawfish boil by the bucket. I'm sure many of you would agree.
We are looking at more and more options including more sound suppression techniques for inside, live music, new bar tables, new drinks, food options and then some.
So here's to a New Year! Happy 2013 everyone!
Keep updated on our blog as it will turn more food and drink orientated. My goal is at least 1 post per week.
Happy EATING!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Elephant in the Room

What a year this has is hard to figure out where to start. 

Becky Holland Fuller inspired this first entry: The Elephant in the Room. As I sit here typing this I wonder if that's how you all feel. The big question "When are you going to open" seems to be, obviously, the biggest question on everyone's mind. By no means is this subject the Elephant in the Room. Let me explain...

We bought Garver Lake Bar in May 2011. It has been a dream of Cameron's to open up his own restaurant. In my humble opinion he is quite talented at what he does and has proven himself time and time again. He, actually we, deserve this chance to share his talent with everyone. With almost 40 years of combines restaurant experience between the two of us, I'd say we are more than qualified to make this work.

I started the Facebook page at the beginning of this journey with the intention of taking all of you along for the ride. Maybe that was a mistake. It's not very often you get to witness a business go from concept to completion unless you are involved directly in the business itself. We wanted to share our journey with you so you could feel like you have been a part of it. This is your restaurant, your home away from home, your local hangout...You have seem the photos from beginning until almost the end. You have been able to input your thoughts and opinions into the decisions we have made from wine choices to logo ideas. You are just a big a part of this place as we are. Even more so. 

So the Elephant that is supposedly in the room is in your room not ours. We have been open and honest about our entire journey. Obstacles have come up. Our beautiful baby girl was born in March. I had complications after delivery that held me up from doing what I thought I should have been doing. We have fought all the negativity with our heads held high. We have relished in the completion of the building and were overjoyed as we overcame these obstacles that have held us back. The positive feedback and love pouring in from all of our friends, family and soon to be customers has been amazing and is motivation to finish this long journey. So you see there is no ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. All there is is misunderstanding. We are not holding back on purpose or doing this to aggravate you. We are taking our time to do it right the first time around, we are enjoying our baby girl Charlotte who is almost four months old now. Time is flying by for us. We are incredibly busy pushing everything to get this place ready for you all to enjoy and frankly, I'm surprised we are not insane by now. Stressed...absolutely! 

The journey has just begun...